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Umbrella, a portable, hand-held device that is used for protection against rain and sunlight. The modern umbrella consists of a circular fabric or plastic screen stretched over hinged ribs that radiate from a central pole. The hinged ribs permit the screen to be opened and closed so that the umbrella can be carried with ease when not in use.

Shaoxing Shunjie Gifts Co.,Ltd is located in Songxia Town,Shangyu City, which called”CHINA UMBRELLA CAPITAL”.

We have been selling umbrellas for 7 years,can offer you different kinds umbrellas and parasols.Any customers' OEM idea can be realized by our professional energetic and enthusiastic team with product designers, engineers and graphic designers.

Our main products are quite abundant and nearly cover all the ranges of promotional gifts and premiums to help our global purchasers shorten the sourcing & buying process in China. We always keep developing and adding new products. With the sales & purchasers, we also have a QC team to keep the quality of all products. Our objective is use the better service and lower price to get better products for you!



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